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With the cold temperatures and the days getting shorter, we can feel winter is coming soon.

How about changing your skin care routine to get a glowing skin for the festivities?  Then try Biolissime Paris.

Their products can be used on either dry or oily skin. Some can help you to get rid of dark spots due to hyper pigmentation while keeping your skin moisturised.

We offer a 15% discount until 30th November on all their products.

Biolissime Body milk, cleansing gel and peeling mask 2 in 1

30 Days Challenge with Biolissime

Our happy customer used Biolissime's products and noticed the changes. She was absolutely delighted with the results. 

We do now offer sets for dry & oily skin as well as an anti-blemish kit. 

Get an extra 10% if you pre order your set and pick it up during our next event in Manchester on  30th November!


Biolissime  Unifying Cleansing Gel

Squeaky clean face without that dry feeling. Besides me, a lot of people have seen significant positive changes in my skin . Biolissime is new to me and definitely here to stay in my skin care routine.
The formula and ingredients are on point and changes were evident within 30 days of trying this beautiful product. Definitely a repurchase.


Biolissime Unifying Day Cream SPF 25

I was used to face creams feeling a bit greasy and shiny for me to know it works .
I had get used to this beautiful day cream as it soaks straight into my skin, leaving it feeling smooth and a natural glow.
When a product doesn't sit on your skin, it is a sign that the product is for YOU. A huge plus is that it is ideal as primer. No shiny face. This product is a win win. Thank you for brining Biolissime to the UK



We will be exhibiting in Manchester on 30th November.

There will be 35 other vendors: from clothing, jewellery, massage, hair stylist to food & drinks and much more. Get your free ticket through Eventbrite using the following link:

Hope to see you there !!!

About Black Venus Beauty

We are an online beauty store where you can find curly & textured hair friendly products, but also skin care products for a glowing skin, as well as accessories. 

Black Venus Beauty offers a large range of products to bring out your natural beauty.


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2019 is almost over. To finish this year in style, we want you to get the best offer from us We are discounts on all our products.

Whether you want to pamper yourself or treat someone for Christmas, we are sure you will find what you need. 

Happy holidays season from Black Venus Beauty