Book Review

90 days to Beautiful Hair - Final Review and Hair Challenge

We hope you enjoyed part 1 & 2 of this book review. We want to give you our final thoughts on this book.  About the book 90 days to Beautiful hair was published in August 2019. It is available on Amazon as a paperback version for £12.72 It is very easy to read, with its fifty chapters and a total of 112 pages. Dr. Crystal Aguh goes straight to the point, without using too much medical jargon and it seems she talks to you like a friend would. She makes the journey to beautiful hair accessible and an pleasant experience....

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90 Days to Beautiful Hair - Part 2 : Hairstyles, maintenance and nutrition for healthy growth

Healthy Growth Maintenance Practices

The previous part covered the ingredients to look for in the products for your routine. Now it’s time to style your hair. There are so many options and styles you can try on.  From everyday protective hairstyle, to glamorous bun for a night out, the choice is yours! But make sure it doesn't pull on your hairline as it could lead to hair loss in the long run. HAIRSTYLES Wearing tight hairstyles can definitely affect your hairline as it pulls it out and may gradually move the hairline backward. Dr. Aguh’s recommendations Dreadlocks Tight hairstyles or frequent touch up on...

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90 days to Beautiful Hair - Part 1: Finding products to grow healthy hair

90 Days to beautiful hair Finding products Hair Challenge Hair Goals

As we are stuck at home due to lockdown, we have plenty of time to take care of ourselves from head to toes. We are not going to lie; we quite enjoy this peaceful time to reflect and finding new ways of reinventing ourselves. One of our goals for this New Year was to grow healthy hair by building a hair care routine and sticking to it. It’s not always easy to follow a routine especially when life gets in your way. But now it is the right time to do it. There are so many videos from YouTubers on hair...

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