Hair goals 2020: Trimming hair for healthy growth

New Year, new decade, new goals! I wanted to set some beauty goals for myself, stick to it and see the progression  throughout the year. One of my main goals is to grow healthy hair. Of course, creating a routine around my hair type and using the right products is crucial, but I believe that good hair maintenance is essential too, and trimming my hair should definitely be part of it. I decided to have my hair trimmed professionally three to four times in 2020.
My hair had not been cut in over a year. My first trim of the year was done by Elise at JT2 Hair in Old Trafford. Elise is a trainee at the salon and it was her first curly cut as part of her training.
I wanted to save time that day, so before heading to the salon, I washed my hair at home using Sheamoist Shampoo, then deep conditioned with Sheamoist Crème Conditioner. I rinsed it out and went to the salon.

Washed hair before cut

My hair was still damped, so Elise used Mix-d:Hair Leave-in Conditioner spray to add moisture when needed. She split my hair into small sections to do the trim while supervised by Melissa from Evolve Academy. Elise was very friendly and was cautious so I felt comfortable and trusted her.

I was happy with the results as I could see the hair had a more uniform shape.

Before and after cut

The followings days, I used Mix-d Hair Leave-in Conditioner to moisturise my two flat twists.

As my hair was not too dirty, I washed it on Sunday the same week using The hair was washed As I Am Coconut Cowash and I loved to see how even my hair looked like.

Washed hair after cut

My next trim is due in April so make sure to check out the blog as there will be a video. 
I am not the only on to talk about the benefits of trimming your hair for a healthy growth.
Natural hair enthusiast, Chloe, and founder of the subscription box, Odyssey Box, had a curly cut last summer and here are her five reasons to get a curly cut:
  • Having curly cut meant that she has a style and shape that suited her and so he could wear her hair out and have fun with it
  • She realized it did not take long to do her hair because she was no longer working with different lengths or different textures
  • Her curls were more defined because they were not weight down by dead or split ends, and single strands knots.
  • She noticed her hairstyle lasted longer, with didn’t have to manipulate much her hair  to maintain it throughout the week
  • She said her curls looked better since her cut

 Curlygalchlo Curly Cut

We advise you to prioritise health over length. Healthy hair will definitely grow.
Have you ever had a curly cut? Who was your hairdresser? How was your experience?
Let us know in the comment section!
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