The amazing power of turban squash seed oil on your hair

Winter is nearly here, and with winter comes winter squash.
Last month with Halloween, we could see pumpkins a bit everywhere. You can do so many things with it: bake a pumpkin pie, eat the seeds as a snack or for carving it for Halloween decoration. But pumpkin is not the only winter squash that can be used in many ways.
There is a large variety of winter squash and each can help you to get beautiful hair and skin.
In this post, we want to focus on one squash with a peculiar shape but can bring so much to your hair. We are talking about turban squash! Read on to find out more!
Turban Squash seed oil


About Turban Squash

Turban squash (Cucurbita maxima if you want to use its botanical name), is a winter squash native of South America,  which has a orange base colour and is mottled in shades of orange, green and white , often used as an ornamental gourd.
The flesh is edible, has a soft, floury texture with a light nutty taste. Because of its shape, it is also refereed as ‘Mexican Hat’, or ‘Turk's turban’ or even ‘French turban’ ("Giraumon" in French) due to the protrusion that sits atop the main part of the squash, similar to a turban sitting on a head. 


Turban Squash

Turban squash is packed of nutrients like beta-carotene, calcium, potassium, vitamin A,B5,B6 and C  but also fibres. The seeds inside also contains these nutrients. Oil can be extracted from the seeds, which can be then applied on hair as it has amazing properties.

Turban Squash  seeds


Benefits on hair

  • Strong hair to a better growth

Turban Squash Seed Oil
      Turban squash seed oil is recommended to those who want to treat dry and brittle hair. Nutrients like vitamins A, C, and potassium increase the resistance of the strands while beta-carotene prevents hair breakage for a healthy growth.


      • Nourished hair and scalp

      All the wonderful nutrients contained in turban squash seed oil are highly beneficial to dry hair and scalp. The oil nourishes the scalp and hair follicles and lock the hair keratin protein inside. Dry scalp is left nourished which prevents dandruff's appearance.


      • Softer and thicker hair

      If you adopt turban squash seed oil as part of your hair care regimen, you’ll be on the path to get softer, hydrated and shiny hair. Not only will your hair be left nourished, but your hair thickness will also increase.

      Strong hair

      Where to find it?

      Turban squash is Beauté Insolente’s favourite ingredients and is used in many of their products.

      THIS is our go-to oil for pre-poo treatments. It is mixed with avocado oil  to leave your hair soft and ready for your wash day.
      The blend of oils soothes your scalp, deeply nourishes very dry and damaged hair, giving it  more elasticity.  Caribbean Trip can be used for a hot oil treatment too.


      This edge control is a game changer. Use it to style your baby hair and keep it moisturised for 24 hours.
      If you are looking  to achieve a well-defined twist-out our braid-out, well, look no further.  Our founder, Carole, got her signature twist-out with it.
      BVB Founder

      This leave-in conditioner smoothes your hair cuticles making your detangling process easier. It contains turban squash seed oil for softer and shiny hair. Highly recommended for brittle and damaged hair.
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