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Black Venus Beauty is more than an online beauty store. It is a space where we want to have conversations around hair and skin knowing that some topics are more difficult to talk about. Hair loss is one of them and we want to break the taboo around alopecia.

As part of Alopecia Awareness Month here at Black Venus Beauty, we want to raise awareness. We believe that more awareness should be raised so anyone suffering from alopecia does not feel ashamed and knows that help and various solutions are available.

In our previous post, we discovered how wigs and hairpieces can be used to hide hair loss.
In this post, we will present camouflage concealers to disguise hair loss.



Concealers can be used as a temporary cosmetic option to disguise thinning hair and camouflage the scalp. There are different types of concealers:

Coloured shampoo

They last between 6 and 8 washes and are applied in the normal shampooing method. Some may require to be left for a few minutes in contact with the hair so that the colour will adhere to the hair’s surface.


Coloured mousse & setting lotion

They are applied to the hair after shampooing. Their action is to coat the hair and make it appear thicker. Unfortunately, they are very temporary and are removed at the next shampooing.


They can be either made of cream or wax and are specially formulated to eliminate the contrast between thinning hair and scalp. These masking formulations are easy to apply to the skin. The creams and waxes are not greasy or sticky and will be removed by the next shampooing.



Coloured aerosols

They contain very fine synthetic fibres, or sprinkled coloured fibres. The fibres are attracted to the hair and adhere without being sticky and they allow the hair to have the appearance of volume.



Once it is dried and styled, a dusting fibre or fibre spray can be applied.  the hair is lightly treated with either a dusting of the fibre or aerosol. This will last until the next shampoo or can be brushed out.
If you are experiencing hair loss, we recommend contacting your GP straight away.
Here at Black Venus Beauty we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products for curly and afro hair. We want to unlock the potential of your hair and provide products specific to the needs of your hair, including preventing types of alopecia.

If you are interested in learning more about alopecia check our previous posts on the various forms of alopecia.

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