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Black Venus Beauty is more than an online beauty store. It is a space where we want to have conversations around hair and skin knowing that some topics are more difficult to talk about. Hair loss is one of them and we want to break the taboo around alopecia.

As part of Alopecia Awareness Month here at Black Venus Beauty, we want to raise awareness. We believe that more awareness should be raised so anyone suffering from alopecia does not feel ashamed and knows that help and various solutions are available. 
In our previous blogs, we talked about wigs and camouflage. Here's our last part with headwear. 


Ali Nowroozi is the proud owner of Masumi Headwear, and offers headwear for those suffering from hair loss due to medical treatments or alopecia.
Ali Nowroozi
Ali Nowroozi -Founder of Masumi Headwear


Before founding the company in 2015 in Manchester, Ali worked in the wig industry for 11 years and realised the vulnerability of cancer patients. At the time, he only saw unexciting headwear designs made for practical reasons. Ali yearned to create a superior alternative to help people experiencing hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy and cancer.

It was also for personal reasons that he started Masumi Headwear. Ali was inspired by his wife’s story as she experienced hair loss as a teenager when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. They do both understand how hair loss knocks confidence and leaves emotional scars.

Ali wanted to offer comfortable, fashionable and feminine headwear. His headwear are either made of silky-soft cotton or organic bamboo fibres, making it suitable for everyday use, as well as for wearing on those special occasions.

Masumi headwearmasumi headwear

Check Asha Headwear from Masumi Headwear here.


Lohi Fashion is a unique fashion brand inspired by African and  Western Culture, marrying bold patterns, vibrant colours and contemporary designs from the awe-inspiring continent of African with styles from the centre of modern fashion.

As part of their accessories collection, they recently started their satin-lined turbans. This is a perfect alternative if you are suffering from hair loss or not.


See more Lohi Fashion headwear here.

If you are experiencing hair loss, we recommend contacting your GP straight away.


Here at Black Venus Beauty we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products for curly and afro hair. We want to unlock the potential of your hair and provide products specific to the needs of your hair, including preventing types of alopecia.

If you are interested in learning more about alopecia check our previous posts on the various forms of alopecia.


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