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Black Venus Beauty is more than an online beauty store. It is a space where we want to have conversations around hair and skin knowing that some topics are more difficult to talk about. Hair loss is one of them and we want to break the taboo around alopecia.

As part of Alopecia Awareness Month here at Black Venus Beauty, we want to raise awareness. We believe that more awareness should be raised so anyone suffering from alopecia does not feel ashamed and knows that help and various solutions are available.

We have previously covered the various forms of alopecia and their treatments, which you can read here. Over the next three blog posts. we will present the different cosmetics alternatives to disguise hair loss.


Wigs can be made of either human hair or synthetic fibres, or a combination of both, and are attached to a net or latex foundation that covers the whole scalp. 

Synthetic Fibres Wigs

Wigs made of synthetic fibres are generally more affordable than the ones made of human hair.
They are usually lightweight and imitate human hair as they move like it.
You can choose from many styles:  straight, curly, wavy or even kinky hair.

Sometimes the synthetic fibres do not respond well to extreme temperatures from styling equipments, such as curling iron, or hot water. They also tend to dry out leading to frizzing and matting.

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are available in a large range of colours, lengths and styles from straight, to curly, to wavy. They are more expensive in price, heavier in weight and colours tend to fade quickly compared to synthetic hair.

Louisa was diagnosed with Central Centrifugal Cicatrical Alopecia (CCCA)  six years ago. She started making her own wigs and created Loustylez to support other women suffering from alopecia/hair loss just like her. Her wigs are created with women of color in mind.

You can read Louisa's story here.



Hair pieces are made of either synthetic or human hair and are particularly useful to cover a bald patch while blending with the existing hair. They are attached to the scalp with adhesive tape or by weaving if the person has enough remaining hair.

Here's an example of a hair piece available at Masumi Headwear


It is important to wash and condition your wig or hair piece with suitable products to make them last longer.

If you are experiencing hair loss, we recommend contacting your GP straight away.

Here at Black Venus Beauty we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products for curly and afro hair. We want to unlock the potential of your hair and provide products specific to the needs of your hair, including preventing types of alopecia.

Our next blog post will present some products to camouflage hair loss.

 Source: British Hair and Nail Society
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