How to create your skincare routine

Have you ever wondered how to get a glowing skin all year round? The best way to do it is to create a skincare routine around your skin type based on products made for it.
In this post, we will present the foundation of a skincare routine which can be adapted to your skin type. Whether you have a dry, oily, normal, combi or sensitive skin, the below steps will guide you to get  a glowing skin.


This is the FIRST and one of the most important steps of your routine.
Cleansing your face is crucial as it removes all the impurities (oil, dirt, make-up, dead skin cells) and unclogs pores. It boosts and maintains hydration on your face.

We advise to cleanse your face twice a day.
In the morning,  it prepares your skin to absorb all the skincare treatments that will follow.
At night, it helps to remove all the dirt accumulated during the day, but also gets rid of make up, oils and dead skin cells.
It is recommended to use a gentle cleanser or face wash as it will not irritate your skin.


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A toner is a lotion  that is applied on a cleansed and dried face. It has cleansing properties, so it can get rid of any excess oil, dirt or any make-up  leftover after you washed your face.
A toner helps to tighten pores to prepare your skin for moisturisers and serums.

Biolissime Toner has exfoliating properties to get rid of your dead skin cells.


After the toner, a serum should be applied to penetrate deeper into the skin layers. Due to its potent properties, it is usually used to target a specific skin concern such as acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles or hydration.

Biolissime Anti-Blemish Serum targets hyperpigmentation issues.

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This another essential in your skincare routine as it brings hydration into your skin. It can be applied twice a day, after a serum and before make up in the morning, and at night before going to bed.
If you prefer not to apply a toner or a serum, you should apply a moisturiser on a freshly cleansed and dried face. 

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Some moisturisers provide sun protection as they contain SPF like Biolissime Unifying Day Cream SPF25.


Face exfoliation should be part of your weekly routine rather than daily. You may use face scrub, peeling mask or face mask.

Depending on your skin type, it is advised to exfoliate your skin once to twice a week  to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells to stimulate skin regeneration.

Find out more the benefits of skin exfoliation in our previous blog post 'Exfoliation: From Head to Toe'.  
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Now that you know the main steps of a skincare routine, you are on your way to a glowing skin.

In our next posts we will cover the different skin types and the best routines for each one.


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