Desert date: the fruit from the desert that will make your skin glow!

Desert date was used in gold trade and was in Egyptian Pharaohs’ tombs. 
Desert dates grow in many places of Africa and in parts of the Middle East. The  tree grows in many different climates and soils, including harsh, dry environments and desert soils.

In more recent years, desert date oil has been used for its benefits for the skin. 
Highly moisturising, desert date oil is non-greasy and is easily absorbed into the skin. It contains fatty acids  but also calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and vitamin E. 

It is an fantastic moisturiser

The oil extracted  from the desert date is perfect to soften and repair dry skin thanks to the linoleic acids. These fatty acids have a great impact on the skin’s protective barrier. They strengthen and allow long-lasting hydration.

They maintain the elasticity and comfort of skin tissues. If you have some skin imperfections, the linoleic acid stimulates the reconstitution of the skin membrane for a great looking and softer skin. 

People with dry skin can definitely take advantage of the moisturising properties of desert date oil.

It helps reducing aging signs

Vitamin A and E stimulate the production of collagen which prevents the cells from fading. This oil helps your skin to fight against oxidation and help to reduce dark spots but also aging signs like wrinkles.

Desert date oil improves skin’s elasticity and even your skin tone at the same time for brighter skin.

It is a must-have oil 


Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, the desert date oil prevents discomforts and skin imperfections while boosting the skin’s protective barrier . Desert date oil protects your skin from environmental factors like wind, hot weather, cold weather, and  UV rays which means that you can use it all year round !

With such amazing qualities, it would be shame not to take advantage of desert date oil in Etnik Cosmetics Anti-aging and anti-blemish cream!

Suitable for all skin types, this cream will  fight against blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles for a toned and firm skin.


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