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Desert date was used in gold trade and was in Egyptian Pharaohs’ tombs. Desert dates grow in many places of Africa and in parts of the Middle East. The  tree grows in many different climates and soils, including harsh, dry environments and desert soils. In more recent years, desert date oil has been used for its benefits for the skin. Highly moisturising, desert date oil is non-greasy and is easily absorbed into the skin. It contains fatty acids  but also calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and vitamin E.  It is an fantastic moisturiser The oil extracted  from the desert date is perfect...

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As we are entering a cold season, we wanted to introduce the benefits of an oil that may not be known by many but that has amazing properties. Today we are going to talk about the Nigella oil, also known as black seed oil.Black seed oil has spread over decades throughout North Africa (Egypt, Sudan)  Asia (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan), Middle East (Turkey, Iraq, Iran)  and Southern Europe.  Nowadays, the plant is cultivated worldwide for medicinal purposes. It has been said that black seed oil was first used by the Assyrians of ancient Egypt, where it was used in beauty routines...

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Autumn is here with colder temperatures making your skin dry. But  how can you keep your skin moisturised and glowing in this weather? That’s why today we’d like to talk about the amazing benefits of one of our favorites ingredients: Mango Butter.  Mango Butter is a highly moisturising and nourishing emollient. It protects your skin from external aggressions such as cold temperatures, sun, wind making it one of the best ingredients for your skin during the cold and dry months of the year. For those of you not familiar with this fantastic, natural ingredient, read on to learn more about how...

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