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Ingrown hair can be painful , quite unesthetic and very annoying. Most of the time, they  go away without doing anything  but when you get ingrown hair on a regular basis it may be an issue.
Let’s find out more on ingrown hair!

What is ingrown hair?

Ingrown hair are hair that has grown back into the skin.  According to the NHS, ingrown hair can look like raised red, itchy spots on the skin. Sometimes, you can see a hair trapped under the skin.
Anybody can have ingrown hair but people with curly or coarse hair tend to get more ingrown hair than others.



On which part of your body can you get ingrown hair?

You can have ingrown hair anywhere on your body but they are more likely to happen in areas you shave like your face, neck, armpits, legs, chest, back or even pubic area.


If you are using other methods to get rid of your hair, like waxing, plucking or threading, you may also have ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair may also happen if your hair follicles are clogged by dead skin cells.

Can it be prevented?

Luckily, ingrown can be prevent by following  tips:

  • Improve your skincare routine

Cleansing your face daily with a gentle cleanser to unclog your pores from all impurities (dirt, excess oil...).

Exfoliating at least once a week  to removed dead skin cells  and to help to release any trapped hair
  • Shave in the same direction your hair is growing.

  • Don’t shave too closely
  • Prefer a single-blade razor and rinse it  after every stroke
  • Use a cold and wet cloth to your skin to reduce irritation

How to reduce the appearance of ingrown hair

The  Ingrown Hair set with Biolissime products will reduce the appearance  and prevent ingrown hair

Unifying Cleansing Gel removes all the impurities, deeply cleanses pores and regulates excess of sebum.

Exfoliating Toner gently removes dead skin cells while stimulating skin regeneration for a soft and smooth skin. 

SOS Perfect Complexion mattifies, controls excess sebum secretion, dries out spots and efficiently prevents blemishes.

Peeling Mask removes dead cells and impurities such as sebum, pollution, sweat.

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