Collection: Les Secrets de Loly

About Les Secrets de Loly 

In 2005, Kelly, founder of Les Secrets de Loly, started an online forum called ‘Boucles et Coton’ (Curls& Cotton in English) dedicated to natural afro hair. She shared her tips and advice on natural ingredients for textured hair with over 35,000 women.
In 2009, she began making hair products from her kitchen, with her own formula, This is how Les Secrets de Loly was birthed. Loly is the nickname that Kelly's late uncle used to call her.
Her products gained popularity within the natural hair community, so she moved to bigger premises and worked with a lab.
Kelly wanted to offer a complete and efficient range of products with natural ingredients for textured hair.
Most products contain over 98% of natural ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba, shea butter, sweet almond oil or baobab.

Kelly is also a strong advocate of natural hair and that taking care of it should be easy. She created a simple 4 steps routine based on each hair type: cleanse, detangle, moisturise and nourish.

Les Secrets de Loly is now becoming one of the leaders of natural hair care products for textured hair in France.