Works so well on my oily areas

This worked so well at keeping my oily areas nice and matt. Just make sure you completely massage it in, you don't need a lot which is an added bonus. There are no heavy artificial fragrances, just the pleasant natural fragrance of the ingredients. A perfect base for my makeup and will definitely be repurchasing.



A really good product for haircare

I really love this cap, I saw a difference straight away. I liked how soft my hair was after using this.



Caribbean Trip

I bought this product and love it, I have used it after washing my locks and it made my hair feel so good.



My favourite body lotion

This body lotion has everything that I'm looking for. It helps reducing the dark marks that I have on my back caused by acne, hydrate my skin without being to greasy, smell is wonderful and it contains glitters that leave your skin shiny. Love it!



Great Product!

I have been using this magical lotion with its unifying day lotion, I noticed the result before even finishing the tube. I am travelling to a tropical country soon, so here I am to get more supply :-)




I am very happy to find a products made by a black woman to black women. It so difficult to perfectly capture the texture of our skin! I am very happy with the products. A friend of mine told me my skin looked like 'smooth cocoa'. A smart thing to do is to invest in skin care and biolissime is definitely a good investment! AND THE TEAM! I FEEL LIKE I AM 'BEST FRIENDS' WITH THE CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM. I'm glad I found Black Beauty Venus. And I never leave reviews. But I had too!



Balancing my skin tone

I have been using this once a week and noticed after the first use my pores looked less clogged, my skin feels smoother and my complexion a lot more balanced. I get hyperpigmentation and I'm looking forward to seeing how my skin looks after 6 weeks of using it.



2 in 1

I was used to face creams feeling a bit greasy and shiny for me to know it works 😂. I had get used to this beautiful day cream as it soaks straight into my skin, leaving it feeling smooth and a natural glow. When a product doesn't sit on your skin, it is a sign that the product is for YOU. A huge plus is that it is ideal as primer. No shiny face🙌🏿. This product is a win win💃🏿. Thank you for brining Biolissime to the UK



Long Night Bonnet

Love this bonnet, it helps to keep the moisture locked in and keeps my hair looking fresh.


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