"Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through." Janelle Monae


It all started in 2018 when Carole realised she was not the only one struggling to find products with more natural ingredients for her hair as well as getting a good customer service in beauty stores. She discovered some small British brands catering to curly and afro hair, using more natural ingredients in their products, resulting to healthier hair. Carole had some pigmentation issues due to her acne when she was a teenager. After spending years thinking her dark marks will never go away, she finally found a skincare range suitable for darker skins and was impressed by the results she got just after a short period of time. She felt the need to share those amazing brands with other people facing the same problem, and this is how Black Venus Beauty was birthed.


Black Venus Beauty is an online beauty destination for high quality products for curly & afro hair, skincare as well as accessories. Most of our trusted brands are Black-owned, UK & EU-based , designing products for textured hair and darker skin as they understand their specific needs, like dryness, hair growth issue or hyperpigmentation. We also cover topics related to hair and skin through our blog and online event by sharing experts’ knowledge.


Making your journey to your beauty goals easy, enjoyable & filled with experts’ information


Beauty comes in all shapes and forms. We believe it should be represented and celebrated so you can feel beautiful and confident.


You may have tried many products in the past and were left disappointed as you could not see any results. You would like to grow healthy your wavy, curly or coily hair, or maybe you are looking to improve your skin’s appearance. You want to find alternative options to bigger brands by supporting small & Black-owned brands.


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AND THE TEAM! I feel like I am 'Best Friends' with the Customer Service Team. I'm glad I found Black Beauty Venus. Roxane A.

Meet Our Founder


Carole did her big chop in 2008 and has been natural since. In 2015, she stopped using extensions in her hairstyles and been doing her hair herself most of the time. Black Venus Beauty was birthed from her passion for natural hair and beauty.