Black Venus Beauty Detangling Brush

Black Venus Beauty

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If there was a way to make your detangling process easier, would you try it?
Our Black Venus Beauty detangling brush is the solution for you. Your detangling process will become easier and faster, perfect to cut down your time during wash day or when you’re applying styling products.

This plastic brush is made of 8 flexible bristles to detangle in large sections with no pain. Use the detachable bracket if you want to lock the bristles.
The rounded ends of each bristle can be used for a scalp massage to stimulate blood circulation for healthy growth.
Suitable for all types of curls and hair types

Size 24.5cm (9.5”) * 4cm (1.5”) * 5cm(2”)


Recommended to use on wet or damp hair

Wash day

Apply your conditioner or deep conditioner. Section hair, hold the brush upright to detangle your ends vertically. 
When your ends are completely tangles and knots free, brush your hair horizontally from roots to ends, for even product distribution.



Apply your leave-in conditioner or styling cream on damp hair.  Start by detangling your ends by holding the brush upright to detangle it vertically.   Then brush horizontally from roots to ends, for a better and even product distribution.
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